Status Update

There have been some delays getting things back from the editor, plus some technical issues, so the original intent to launch on July 2 is almost impossible at this point. Given that it’s a holiday week in the US anyway, perhaps it’s best to bump it.

Just to play on the safe side, I don’t want to promise for the second week of July. I have an actual-paid cake decorating order for early in the third week, but it’s a basic thing so hopefully I’ll be able to launch “Finding Gaia” that week as well. I definitely want it up before the fourth week!

So stay tuned. As always, you can subscribe to the notification circle on G+ to be told about updates (and I’m considering offering some kind of Smashwords coupon to folks in that circle), or you can subscribe to this blog with the link to the right.

The goal will be to have it available on Amazon, plus Smashwords in multiple platforms, which will then distribute to secondary sites like the iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, and the Sony Reader Store. I’ll also probably list it directly via Gumroad, which will pay me the largest percentage. I will be listing it without DRM where I can, but some sites will add their own DRM, so if that concerns you, you’ll want either the Smashwords or Gumroad options.

The price will be $4.99. I’m hoping that is low enough to entice people to buy, but high enough to not look cheap, and to help me pay my editing, cover art, and ISBN bills.

I’ll be counting on you early adopters to help me spread the word! Thanks for your ongoing support.

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