150 Copies Sold and Valentine’s Day Coupon

I’m thrilled to announce that as of the end of January, over 150 copies of “Finding Gaia” have been sold! That’s real sales, not giveaways or review copies. Given that most independent novels sell fewer than 50 copies (the authors you’ve heard of who have sold thousands are successful outliers), I’m quite pleased and hopeful that as more great reviews come in at Goodreads, Amazon, and elsewhere, word of mouth will increase that number substantially.

To celebrate, and in recognition of Valentine’s Day this week, I’m offering $2 off “Finding Gaia” at Smashwords through February 15. Use code ZA46L to pay only $2.99!

Further, the extended love scene “The Power of a Blush” is still FREE and comes with the first two chapters of “Finding Gaia”. It is available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Diesel, and Goodreads.

For my fellow data nerds or for any would-be writers who would appreciate some realistic information, here are some statistics on my sales so far:

Publication date: July 9, 2012

Copies sold*: 152
Total known payments owed by all stores: $481.30
Actual payments received: $385.53

Costs**: $1556
Profit: -$1170.47
Percentage: 31%

* Includes those stores that have reported as of February 11, 2013. Third-party sellers to Smashwords sometimes take months to report.

** Includes cover artist, editor, and lyrics permissions. Does not include ISBNs and occasional small-scale marketing costs (ie printing flyers).

Fans are the most powerful force any independent author has. You can make a tremendous difference! Please post a review, tell your friends, and share the coupon around. Thank you for your continued support.

3 comments on “150 Copies Sold and Valentine’s Day Coupon

  1. Tony Panama says:

    Congratulations on your sales. Did you do a lot of social marketing, Or did you already have a pretty good following from your past novels?

    • I have over 26,000 followers on Google+, but almost nothing on Facebook (I have a book page but no personal FB page), and only a minor Twitter following. You'd think 26,000 would result in more sales, but not really. I've definitely had sales because of G+, and most of my sales have been from there, but despite occasional "hey I have a book" posts and it being in my profile, people are still surprised to find out that it exists. And yet every time I post about it, I lose a couple of followers.

      So yes I've done social marketing, yes it's helped, but it's hardly a bonanza and it's a dual-edge sword.

      My previous novel sold about 100 copies in its first few weeks but the horrible publisher dropped the ball and never delivered on most of those, and then went bankrupt. My next horrible publisher had it on the TBR list and then never put it in print. I'll be putting that out as a free indie backlist ebook in the next few weeks, so we'll see if that free thing helps spur sales of this one. I've heard that works, but I've also heard that it doesn't.

  2. Tony Panama says:

    26k followers, wow. that's cool. I'm trying to get into the social media game. I've had a bad experience with publishers for my short stories, but in the future, I'll go indie and sell on amazon. But I will have to learn about Google plus, I've only tried facebook and i'm not a big fan of it, thanks for the input

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