“Sorrows of Adoration” Released as Free Backlist

I’ve just re-released my old traditionally published backlist for free on Smashwords in all major ebook formats, including for Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, PDF, HTML, and plain text.

This is a full-length novel that has been through the publishing gatekeeper. It is professionally edited, and my editor and I just went over it again for extra brushing-up (although if you’ve read it before, nothing substantial has changed). It is a love story in a fantasy setting (no magic), told in first-person. More information can be found here. I’ve also added it on Goodreads and by tomorrow it will hopefully be downloadable there as well.

Hopefully over the next several weeks it’ll propagate out from Smashwords to other stores, although probably not Amazon. Amazon does not allow free ebooks other than for a few days per year if a book is otherwise enrolled in their KDP Select program, which requires exclusivity.

The Blurb:

Unwilling to remain just another poor, country barmaid, Aenna leaves her life behind to save the life of a Prince she’s never seen. But she finds more adventure than she bargained for as forbidden love pits her against powerful adversaries and exposes her to intrigues and dangers. Will love be enough to conquer the demons of jealousy, addiction, temptation, prejudice, and violence? Or will Aenna succumb to the increasing spiral of depression that threatens to steal her sanity?

This is one woman’s honest portrayal of the sweetest and the darkest times of her life. Aenna reveals her deepest emotions, most private thoughts, and bold confessions as she tells the story of how she learns that romance isn’t a fairy tale, but a heart-rending lesson of the sorrows of adoration.

If you like it and wish you could have paid me for it, feel free to buy a copy of “Finding Gaia”. Multiple stores including Smashwords, Amazon, B&N, and more listed at http://findinggaia.com.

If you want a print version, speak up. With “Finding Gaia” there are hassles to a print version because of the lyrics permissions. With this, I’d just have to have enough folks who want to buy it to make it worth my time to pay my editor to format it for CreateSpace or Lulu or something. But if a few people say they’re definitely interested, I’ll do it.

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