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Look At Me Behaving

…and not calculating the difference between the energy expenditure on creating these videos versus turning off some lights, many of which were probably CFLs anyway. Because it’s a bunch of well-meaning kids, and I believe that children are the future. Teach them well, but never let them lead the way, unless they have GPS. […]

Mmm, Maggots

Sometimes sustainability initiatives are so disgusting I wish I could go back to my earlier happy ignorance about such things. How Fly Farming May Help More Fish Stay In The Sea At first I misread the caption on the maggot picture (because yes, of course they had to have a fucking maggot picture, didn’t they?) […]

I Am Digital, Hear Me Hum

Interesting article from the San Francisco Chronicle: E-readers or print books – which is greener? Speaking as someone who exists in what’s currently only a digital universe – excluding the author’s brain, which is wet, squishy, and generally an unpleasant place to be – I’m keen to promote e-readers as much as possible. After all, […]

For a Friend

Fractal Cutlery

I just got a not-very-subtle email that ever-so-slightly hints that my darling hubbypooh might want some of these, if they actually existed, which thankfully they do on account of us living in a fictional universe, HAH HAH HAH to certain authors who have to go without! Via BoingBoing