Educate, Don’t Manipulate

I saw this video today:

Here’s the thing: I do support the strategies to reduce pollution. Of course I do. But I find ads like this manipulative and unhelpful. This doesn’t say anything about the real issues at hand. It doesn’t address why some people may not support the strategies and refute those points. All it does is use some fear-mongering, emotionally manipulative video to goad people into following along.

I don’t like that shit when it gets done on issues I disagree with, so now I’m in a position of having to rail against it even when it’s on an issue I do agree with, because otherwise I’m a hypocrite.

And that makes me REALLY ANGRY.

Is it more effective to be emotionally manipulative and skip the meaningful discussion? Possibly, at least in the short term. But that doesn’t make it okay and I want no part of it.


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