It’s hard for a single page to encapsulate the vast amount of awesome and brilliance that is me, but here goes…

I am the CTO for Gaia Global, a very cool company run by my best friend, housemate, and personal savior, Jason Truitt. No, seriously. My life was going downhill fast for lots of reasons when I was in my late teens, but Jason came out of nowhere, took me in, made me smarten the hell up, and set me on a better path. It’d be religious except for the fact that we’re both hardcore atheists. Anyway, his too-many-greats-to-remember-grandfather was buddies with mine, and they made a promise about looking out for each other’s families. His ancestors stayed wealthy but my lineage, not so much. Long story short, I owe Jason tons.

Jason’s grandfather Morris started Truitt Filter back at the turn of the previous century to supply filtering products to industrial facilities. Over the decades it grew and morphed into Gaia Global: a huge multinational conglomerate with everything from really basic consumer-level environmental brands through to state-of-the-art labs researching the future of enviro-tech. My husband, Dr. Don Hobart, is the company’s Chief Scientist. I have attachment issues so I didn’t want to move out of Jason’s stupidly huge mansion when Don and I got married, so I talked him into moving into my wing of the house. That wasn’t too hard once Don got used to Jason’s cook providing seriously delicious food constantly; plus we never have to do dishes. Win-win.

So we three are housemates and workmates. Sounds like the start of a shitcom, I know. That’s not a typo.

A few months ago I decided to start a corporate blog, but Jason quite rightly got peeved at how often I was saying personal things on it, and blah blah blah legal issues. It’s archived here. So while I work for Gaia Global, let me state very clearly that everything in this blog is my personal opinion and not endorsed, sanctioned, or approved of in any way by Gaia Global or any of its subsidiaries, in perpetuity, forever and ever under the gaze of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, amen al dente.

Because here’s the thing: I care about environmental issues. I truly do, and not just because it’s hip for my generation to do that. I really, truly give a shit about this stuff. Big time.

But it seems like for my whole life there’s been a lot of talk and little action. Oh sure, a few things get done here or there, but even most of those get nerfed somehow or other. Even when governments agree to do things, corporate interests find wiggle room. Nothing that actually gets done is ever close enough to helping, and I’ve had it. Greenwashing makes me gag. I’m pissed off. I’m sick of playing nicey-nice and “team building” and “brainstorming” and a lot of other bullshit. We’re headed for serious disaster if we don’t get our collective head out of our collective ass.

I’m also a woman in a male-dominated field, so I’ve got plenty of fury about my inability to get shit done without having to worry about protecting my body from gropes and oggling and who knows what else. I may be sexy, but that doesn’t mean I’m sexy for you. I’ve got no problem with fun flirting in a social place but the amount of it that goes on in professional spaces is downright sick. Oh and don’t even get me started on what a pain in the ass it is to game as a female. Seriously, some of you people out there apparently need your mamas to come smack you with rolling pins or something. WTF. So expect occasional feminist rants here too. And you know what? It kind of all fits, because there are tons of studies showing what worldwide misogyny does to environmental efforts everywhere. The data on the economic and environmental benefits of educating girls in the third world is staggering, and yet half of my country’s elected officials are set on dragging us back to a no-birth-control worldview.

Summed up, I’m an angry liberal-environmentalist-feminist-nerd-bitch out to slap your brains with some serious eco-news and occasional jokes. I have two theme songs to suit my two most common moods:

My Angry (and thus default) Theme Song


My Amused (and thus sexy but again, not necessarily sexy for you) Nerdgasmic Theme Song


In other words, either way there will be a lot of snark, nerd references, and swearing.

Welcome to my blog.


Not enough details for you? Check out my dossier on the “Finding Gaia” pages here or heck, buy the book and read all about us. And do be sure to read the disclaimer below before your underpants get so wadded up your ass that you’re in danger of choking. Safety first, people.