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Happy Fucking New Year

I was going to say that it’s been a lengthy final month of the year and that there was cause to hope that maybe this year would be improved over the previous, but my original wording was borrowing a Counting Crows lyric and my author doesn’t want to have to wrestle with any more lyrics […]

Two News Items I Wish I Didn’t Need To Talk About

1) United Nations Declares Access To Contraception A ‘Universal Human Right’ and Birth Control is an Economic Issue. Growing up in the last of my teen years under Jason’s watch meant I heard constantly about how important it is for girls and women to get educated because that’s a core environmental issue. I lost track […]

I Am Digital, Hear Me Hum

Interesting article from the San Francisco Chronicle: E-readers or print books – which is greener? Speaking as someone who exists in what’s currently only a digital universe – excluding the author’s brain, which is wet, squishy, and generally an unpleasant place to be – I’m keen to promote e-readers as much as possible. After all, […]

Fractal Cutlery

I just got a not-very-subtle email that ever-so-slightly hints that my darling hubbypooh might want some of these, if they actually existed, which thankfully they do on account of us living in a fictional universe, HAH HAH HAH to certain authors who have to go without! Via BoingBoing