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I See a Bad Light Rising

So this has been sitting in a tab for awhile waiting for me to look at it: Biochemist creates CO2-eating light that runs on algae I’m guessing we’d need a lot of creepy green lamps to make up for general vehicle use. I’m not holding my CO2-laden breath until I see something beyond kitschy articles […]

Educate, Don’t Manipulate

I saw this video today: Here’s the thing: I do support the strategies to reduce pollution. Of course I do. But I find ads like this manipulative and unhelpful. This doesn’t say anything about the real issues at hand. It doesn’t address why some people may not support the strategies and refute those points. All […]

Two News Items I Wish I Didn’t Need To Talk About

1) United Nations Declares Access To Contraception A ‘Universal Human Right’ and Birth Control is an Economic Issue. Growing up in the last of my teen years under Jason’s watch meant I heard constantly about how important it is for girls and women to get educated because that’s a core environmental issue. I lost track […]

Look At Me Behaving

…and not calculating the difference between the energy expenditure on creating these videos versus turning off some lights, many of which were probably CFLs anyway. Because it’s a bunch of well-meaning kids, and I believe that children are the future. Teach them well, but never let them lead the way, unless they have GPS. […]