Dude, seriously, we’re fictional and our ebook isn’t interactive. Put down the pipe and get a grip.


Sigh, okay, fine. If you’re really intent on talking to me, you can do it on Twitter. But keep in mind I exist in present day, and “Finding Gaia” is set in 2017. I don’t know stuff about the future and if you tell me things I don’t know about, it’ll be like you’re in some crazy psycho fog-haze of weirdness and I’ll ignore you. And remember: I work for an environmental company. I am very, very good at ignoring fog-hazed hippie weirdos.

If you’re a real keener who has read our book and want to be granted commenting privileges on this site – and come on, commenting to me is a fucking privilege to be sure – then contact the author over on her blog. She’s going to be picky about it, for which I am grateful.