Finding Gaia Now Available!

The website is up and the book is available on Smashwords for $4.99!

You want a coupon?

You got it! Save $1 at Smashwords with the code KC75A until July 17.

You want character bios?

You got it! Character dossiers are up for Jason, Anna, Trish, and Don. Warning that they may contain minor spoilers. Also a warning that Trish appears to have hacked hers, so expect some sass and swearing in that one.

You want to read a blog by a character, commented on by other characters?

You got it! Trish has been rather unprofessionally blogging from work for some time. Comments are locked to those characters for now, but I’m open to the idea of letting some mega-fans in there to interact in the future…

You want a soundtrack of songs that fit different scenes in the book?

You got it! I made a huge list of songs and where available, linked to official videos and purchase links. Support those artists!

You want to be able to virtually walk through a 3D rendering of the Truitt mansion, the main location for most of the story?

Well that’s a tall order but…you got it! The Truitt Mansion page has a rough Sketchup file of the house and some of the surrounding features, so download that into Google Sketchup and wander on through. If you don’t want to fuss with the large file or Sketchup, there are also tons of screencaps showing the house and rooms from different angles.

You want to sample before you buy?

You got it! The entire first chapter is on the website, or you can go to the Smashwords page to download 10% samples in your preferred format. They go to about Chapter 5, I think, which is huge!

You want a place to review and discuss it?

You got it! I just posted it to Goodreads and I’d be thrilled if folks reviewed and discussed it there.

You want something else?

Tell me! Comment below or talk to me via the Requests page on this blog. If enough folks ask for a print edition, I’ll consider a Kickstarter.

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