New Goodreads Group, New Stores

Exciting news all over the place today!

First, yesterday I launched a Feminist Romance discussion group on Goodreads after seeing other topics pertaining to it. It turned out other folks were asking for the very same things I was in my blog posts (parts 1 and 2) but being pooh-poohed as “thinking too much” or otherwise failing to enjoy the “fantasy” that works for others. I had considered starting a group before, but was worried it’d just be me sitting there looking like a lonely weirdo. I’m so happy that there are at least 18 other no-longer-lonely weirdos joining me already. I’ve even had two others excitedly step up to help moderate. Yay! Come chat with us about this burgeoning sub-genre!

Second, Apple’s iBooks (through iTunes)icon and Diesel now list “Finding Gaia” for sale. They’re through Smashwords, so I get a lower cut on those, but a sale’s a sale and I’ll happily take it if those are your preferred channels. I get the biggest cut from the Gumroad links (see sidebar), then Smashwords, then Amazon, then Barnes & Noble.

I’ll be posting the iBooks and Diesel links throughout the site later today.