Free Hot Sex

I just posted a free ebook with an extended love scene from “Finding Gaia”, plus the first two chapters of the full novel. It’s available from Smashwords or Goodreads at the moment with hopefully more stores to come via Smashwords distribution.

The Power of a Blush

I’ve also posted a bunch of updates all over the website, including links to more stores, a DRM-Free logo to highlight my commitment to making sure my readers truly own the books they pay for, and some new reviews.

Also check out Trish’s new blog EcoSnark if you haven’t seen it already (she got in trouble with her Gaia Global blog so she archived that). You can now talk to her on Twitter and Google+ as well, but remember that she exists in current time, which is about five years before “Finding Gaia” takes place, so if you make references to the book she won’t understand what you’re talking about. And since it’s Trish, she’ll probably swear at you if you confuse her too much. Or maybe she’ll swear at you because it’s a day of the week. That’s Trish for you.

If you’re a fan and want to help promote “Finding Gaia”, please share the link for “The Power of a Blush” or spread around copies as much as you’d like. You can also help by telling friends about the book, posting reviews on Goodreads, Smashwords, and Amazon, or even voting for it in various Goodreads lists.

Enjoy the free hot sex…the characters certainly did!

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