It’s My Birthday – Mega “Finding Gaia” Sale!

I’ve created a $3 off coupon for “Finding Gaia” at Smashwords. Use code TD72Z to get it for $1.99, the lowest price ever, until November 29. I have no plans to repeat this and I don’t do free giveaways, so if you’ve been telling me all this time that you want to read it but can’t afford to, this is your one and only chance to get it this cheap!

Go to where you can read the first few chapters for free and then use code TD72Z for 60% off. If you dig it, please tell your friends and post reviews! We #indieauthors survive by word of mouth so please help out with that!

If you’ve already read it and are one of those people pestering me to hurry up and write more, please share this coupon because it’s going to take a lot of sales at this low price for me to put a dent in the debt and move on to the next expenditure.

And again, if you really like free stuff, there’s a free bonus love scene plus the first two chapters here.

If you want more information, you can find tons of it at, including other stores (although the coupon only works at Smashwords). I posted a suggested soundtrack of music that fits the various scenes. I drew the main setting in Sketchup (badly) and posted the file plus screen caps so you can go see the layout of Jason’s mansion. There are character profiles there, and for those who dig Trish, she’s got a Twitter, blog, and G+ page.

If you’re holding out for a paper version, tell me so here because I’m not doing it unless I’m certain enough people want it.

If you’re a book blogger and want to do interviews or other promotions, I’m open to that. Just ask.

If you’re on Goodreads, you can add it there plus review it and vote for it on lists. You can also add me as a friend/fan and I add back. A super way to help there is to tell groups you’re involved with about the book and maybe even suggest it for a monthly read. In fact, if someone got it on the Vaginal Fantasy hangout I’d be forever grateful! I think it would suit them perfectly but I’m not well-known enough to get their attention.

So for my birthday, I’m giving you a great deal and really hope the gift you’ll give me in return is buying it, reading it, and spreading the word.

Because c’mon, I’m 40 now…I ancient and could die any day so motivate me to stop playing Civ and hurry up and WRITE ALL THE THINGS before I keel over. I’m not immortal like these characters!

UPDATE: I just put my cake decorating books on sale for my birthday too.

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