It’s My Birthday Week: Give Me a Sale as a Present, I Give You a Coupon!

Until December 1 pay only $1.99 for “Finding Gaia” at Smashwords:

Coupon Code: WF24T

(You can also buy it at Amazon and other stores listed here but those don’t let me make coupons, sorry! It’s $4.99 everywhere else.)

You get a geeky book about immortals with superpowers trying to live in the real world and also having hot, loving sex.

I get a sale, and sales make me happy!

If you’ve already bought it but you still want to give me something for my birthday, you could always post a review on Smashwords, Amazon, Goodreads, or elsewhere. Reviews are pretty much the only thing that convinces a non-friend to buy a book. Even a short, honest review convinces people to buy. I cannot overstate the importance of doing this for every indie author you want to support.

If you’ve already posted a review but you still want to give me something because you are just that awesome you could buy a copy for a friend and/or share the coupon as widely as you like.

So many ways to give. So many ways to share the love. So many ways to avoid having Trish hunt you down by instead sharing her clear and obvious status as the main character (SHHH! DO NOT TELL HER SHE IS ONLY A SECONDARY CHARACTER!) with everyone you know.

And it’s still cheaper than the 55 gallon drum of lube.

Remember: Smashwords and most of the other sales sites let you read the first few chapters for free. Go do that and when you’re hooked, use the coupon.

PS Still waiting for a paper version? I’m still waiting for enough people to commit to a Kickstarter for that. Tell me you’ll do that (recognizing that it’s a big book so a print edition will probably cost $25ish plus shipping) and get another couple of dozen folks to do likewise and I’ll make it happen.

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