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Fans of “Finding Gaia” have been generous in giving gifts of the book to friends and family for some time. I am pleased to announce bulk pricing through Smashwords to help make gift-giving easier or facilitate group purchases for book clubs. This way I get my book spread around, you get savings, and your friends get an awesome, nerdy, feminist romance. Win-win-win!

bulk pricing graphic

Full Regular Price: $4.99

Buy five copies for $15 – $3 each
Buy ten copies for $20 – $2 each
Buy thirty copies for $30 – $1 each
Buy fifty or more copies for $35 – $.70 each (or less)

How this works:

1) Contact me in advance (email, G+, or comment below) and tell me how many you want to buy. You are committing to buying at least the stated number and are on an honour system to do so.

2) I will generate a Smashwords coupon unique to you with a one week expiry date starting from whenever you tell me you want to start buying. I can’t tell who buys copies but I can tell when a specific code is used or not. All committed purchases must be made during the coupon period.

3) You then share this code with your book club and/or you then purchase gift copies for your friends through Smashwords as follows:

Go to the “Finding Gaia” Smashwords page and click the “Give as a Gift” button as shown below:

screen shot of Smashwords page

Details about how gifting works from Smashwords can be found by clicking the “How Gifting Works” link under the button or here.

You can give gifts one at a time or in multiples. As an example I’ve put two in my cart for a screen cap below (click to enlarge):

Smashwards cart screenshot

First, put the coupon code I give you for your bulk purchase in the field shown with the red arrow. Then click the Apply Coupon bottom shown by the purple arrow. I did this already in the upper example here using a sample 50 cents off coupon code QZ43J (which is a real coupon that anyone can use just for reading this page! Expires Christmas Day 2016.). You can see the top copy has the coupon applied.

Next, enter the email address of the recipient(s) where the green arrows are. It must be correct! I suggest copying and pasting from a known accurate source. As mentioned in their “How Gifting Works” page, you can put your own email address in and then print the code out or forward it, but be sure to do a separate copy for each recipient, not multiple copies for one name (unless you want to give multiple copies to one person). So as shown on the screencap here, you’d enter one email address on that top copy and and other on the second copy. They can both be yours and then that will send you two different pickup codes to print/forward as you wish.

Let’s pretend I’m going to send one these copies to my elderly aunt because we’re giving her a tablet for Christmas and we don’t want her to have to fuss with codes and things, and the second I’m sending to my imaginary friend Person who has an imaginary email address. So I put my name and email address in the first field area and Person’s email address in the second:

Smashwords screencap

Then I click the Checkout button (blue arrow above) and come to this screen where I can confirm the email addresses and begin the payment procedure:

Smashwords screencap

The recipient gets an email like the one shown on the “How Gifting Works” page. If the recipient has a Smashwords account, the book is immediately available. If they don’t, they need to do a free registration on the site and then the book is in their library. Smashwords has the benefit of listing files in all common formats and the reader can download it to as many devices as they want. So if they switch devices, they don’t lose their books.

My imaginary friend Person gets it and starts reading immediately. For my elderly aunt, we set up her new tablet for her and as part of that, download this and a bunch of other Smashwords books so all she has to do is get her cup of tea ready and sit down for a good read. And then knit me an extra special sweater next Christmas for giving her a steamy romance novel that delivered thrills she hasn’t felt since her vibrating massage chair stopped working.

Get your friends and family a unique gift filled with adventure, romance, science, and angsty immortals, and save with bulk pricing!


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