It’s My Birthday Week: Give Me a Sale as a Present, I Give You a Coupon!

Until December 1 pay only $1.99 for “Finding Gaia” at Smashwords:

Coupon Code: WF24T

(You can also buy it at Amazon and other stores listed here but those don’t let me make coupons, sorry! It’s $4.99 everywhere else.)

You get a geeky book about immortals with superpowers trying to live in the real world and also having hot, loving sex.

I get a sale, and sales make me happy!

If you’ve already bought it but you still want to give me something for my birthday, you could always post a review on Smashwords, Amazon, Goodreads, or elsewhere. Reviews are pretty much the only thing that convinces a non-friend to buy a book. Even a short, honest review convinces people to buy. I cannot overstate the importance of doing this for every indie author you want to support.

If you’ve already posted a review but you still want to give me something because you are just that awesome you could buy a copy for a friend and/or share the coupon as widely as you like.

So many ways to give. So many ways to share the love. So many ways to avoid having Trish hunt you down by instead sharing her clear and obvious status as the main character (SHHH! DO NOT TELL HER SHE IS ONLY A SECONDARY CHARACTER!) with everyone you know.

And it’s still cheaper than the 55 gallon drum of lube.

Remember: Smashwords and most of the other sales sites let you read the first few chapters for free. Go do that and when you’re hooked, use the coupon.

PS Still waiting for a paper version? I’m still waiting for enough people to commit to a Kickstarter for that. Tell me you’ll do that (recognizing that it’s a big book so a print edition will probably cost $25ish plus shipping) and get another couple of dozen folks to do likewise and I’ll make it happen.

Read an Ebook Week

Smashwords is hosting “Read an Ebook Week” in which thousands of authors will be offering their ebooks free or deeply discounted from March 2 through 8. Whatever you like to read, there’s bound to be something for you!

I’m offering two free books and 50% off another.

50% OFF (pay only US$2.50): Finding Gaia

FREE: Sorrows of Adoration (my previously traditionally published novel)

FREE: The Power of a Blush (extended love scene from “Finding Gaia”)

Or go to for listings of thousands of other free and discounted ebooks. All major formats available so whatever your device, there’s a book for you!

Spread the word! Give a friend an ebook!


(And yes I think it’s funny that there’s a kid on the graphic, given that my books are not kid-friendly. Maybe that’s little Jason before he knew what an endless, painful path lay before him…)

Give The Gifts of Superpowers, Hot Sex, and Environmentalism!

Use coupon code VK38B to pay only $3.99 for “Finding Gaia” until December 26 at Smashwords.

Other stores (including Amazon) listed at, but the coupon only works at Smashwords.

Interview at Poetry Sans Frontieres

Hey folks, I was interviewed by the good folks at Poetry Sans Frontieres, and may have dropped a few hints about what I’m working on in the “Finding Gaia” universe. Check it out!

“Finding Gaia” is One Year Old!

“Finding Gaia” was published on July 9, 2012, so to celebrate its first year and well over 200 sales, I’m offering a special coupon at Smashwords all week long!

Go to and use coupon code ZS42F to pay only $2.99 until July 12. If you’ve already bought it and enjoyed it, now is a perfect time to tell your friends or buy a copy for them! Smashwords lets you gift copies to an email address really easily.


Other stores don’t let me offer coupons, but if you don’t want to use Smashwords you can still help me celebrate at the regular $4.99 price at these stores:

And more listed at .

Thank you to all of my readers and fans who have been so wonderfully supportive all year long! You all inspire me to write more.

“Sorrows of Adoration” Released as Free Backlist

I’ve just re-released my old traditionally published backlist for free on Smashwords in all major ebook formats, including for Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, PDF, HTML, and plain text.

This is a full-length novel that has been through the publishing gatekeeper. It is professionally edited, and my editor and I just went over it again for extra brushing-up (although if you’ve read it before, nothing substantial has changed). It is a love story in a fantasy setting (no magic), told in first-person. More information can be found here. I’ve also added it on Goodreads and by tomorrow it will hopefully be downloadable there as well.

Hopefully over the next several weeks it’ll propagate out from Smashwords to other stores, although probably not Amazon. Amazon does not allow free ebooks other than for a few days per year if a book is otherwise enrolled in their KDP Select program, which requires exclusivity.

The Blurb:

Unwilling to remain just another poor, country barmaid, Aenna leaves her life behind to save the life of a Prince she’s never seen. But she finds more adventure than she bargained for as forbidden love pits her against powerful adversaries and exposes her to intrigues and dangers. Will love be enough to conquer the demons of jealousy, addiction, temptation, prejudice, and violence? Or will Aenna succumb to the increasing spiral of depression that threatens to steal her sanity?

This is one woman’s honest portrayal of the sweetest and the darkest times of her life. Aenna reveals her deepest emotions, most private thoughts, and bold confessions as she tells the story of how she learns that romance isn’t a fairy tale, but a heart-rending lesson of the sorrows of adoration.

If you like it and wish you could have paid me for it, feel free to buy a copy of “Finding Gaia”. Multiple stores including Smashwords, Amazon, B&N, and more listed at

If you want a print version, speak up. With “Finding Gaia” there are hassles to a print version because of the lyrics permissions. With this, I’d just have to have enough folks who want to buy it to make it worth my time to pay my editor to format it for CreateSpace or Lulu or something. But if a few people say they’re definitely interested, I’ll do it.

Limited Time Coupon

In celebration of getting some unpleasant pricing issues sorted out between big retailer platforms (summary: I was getting hosed because of them playing off of each other without my consent), I’m offering a 25% off coupon at Smashwords until Sunday, May 12. Just use code RU98Z at to pay only $3.74.

Smashwords treats authors better and pays us a higher royalty while offering readers unlimited downloads in all major formats so they can switch between devices as needed.

The book remains on sale at the stores listed on the sidebar for the regular price of $4.99.

Interview on ePublish Unum

Despite my camera deciding to have a complete fail moments before the hangout started (and behaving just fine up until then, of course), I had a delightful time talking to Evo Terra and Jeff Moriarty of ePublish Unum last night. You can see the result here:

If you have any questions, feel free to respond in comments below, on their blog of it here, or anywhere else that works for you. Definitely speak up if you’re another reader who wants to ensure you’re only getting a professional, edited product when you buy books, especially if you have any ideas for how that information should be put forth.

If you want to talk to the puppet, the best place to do that is here. Watch out: she bites.

Happy 393rd Birthday, Jason Truitt!

And even better, it’s a PALINDROME birthday! Jason is 393 today. Yay!

Wait, what?

That’s right. 393. Because he’s immortal. But shhh, that’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone, except maybe Trish because she already knows. And of course, those who have already read “Finding Gaia”. Everyone else can read more about him on his profile page.

He also happens to look exactly like Hugh Jackman, which is eye candy for the rest of us*. But since I’m a writer and not a graphic artist like Charles Dowd, the best I could do was whip up this cheesy card. Maybe some of you fans out there could make better graphics for Jason’s birthday. If anyone does, I’ll feature them here!

Besides, this could’ve been worse. It’s also Fabio’s birthday. I could’ve posted photos of Fabio, but I made a promise to never have barfy pink Fabio-ish covers on my novels even though they’ve got romance and sex in them. You’re welcome.

Want to spy on Jason a little for free? You can at Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, Goodreads, and Diesel.

* Obviously no part of this is endorsed by Mr. Jackman. You can tell because I’m not dead, and if I ever had communication from Jackman, I’d drop dead of fanjoy. But if you also like Jackman eye candy, I have a notify circle on G+ where I share occasional delicious picspam privately, so come on by sometime and ask to be added.

150 Copies Sold and Valentine’s Day Coupon

I’m thrilled to announce that as of the end of January, over 150 copies of “Finding Gaia” have been sold! That’s real sales, not giveaways or review copies. Given that most independent novels sell fewer than 50 copies (the authors you’ve heard of who have sold thousands are successful outliers), I’m quite pleased and hopeful that as more great reviews come in at Goodreads, Amazon, and elsewhere, word of mouth will increase that number substantially.

To celebrate, and in recognition of Valentine’s Day this week, I’m offering $2 off “Finding Gaia” at Smashwords through February 15. Use code ZA46L to pay only $2.99!

Further, the extended love scene “The Power of a Blush” is still FREE and comes with the first two chapters of “Finding Gaia”. It is available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Diesel, and Goodreads.

For my fellow data nerds or for any would-be writers who would appreciate some realistic information, here are some statistics on my sales so far:

Publication date: July 9, 2012

Copies sold*: 152
Total known payments owed by all stores: $481.30
Actual payments received: $385.53

Costs**: $1556
Profit: -$1170.47
Percentage: 31%

* Includes those stores that have reported as of February 11, 2013. Third-party sellers to Smashwords sometimes take months to report.

** Includes cover artist, editor, and lyrics permissions. Does not include ISBNs and occasional small-scale marketing costs (ie printing flyers).

Fans are the most powerful force any independent author has. You can make a tremendous difference! Please post a review, tell your friends, and share the coupon around. Thank you for your continued support.