Being 42 was fun because I’m a nerd. But as of next weekend I’ll be 43, so it’s time for my annual mega-special coupon for Finding Gaia.

Usually it’s US$4.99 and I do occasionally do random coupons dropping that down to $3.99.

But only around my birthday can you get this special present from me to you of paying only 99 cents. That’s an 80% savings and it ends on Monday, December 30.

Only Smashwords lets me do a temporary coupon this way, so if you want the special sale price, you have to buy through Smashwords. But they offer all major formats, no DRM, no geoblocking, and the book is TOTALLY YOURS forever. If you switch devices later, come back to the page and it’ll let you download a different file format. You can have it on as many devices as you want. I mean hey, I hope you don’t pirate my book because that’s not fair, but nobody is policing your transaction, unlike some other major retailers.

So go to and use coupon code XG82V to pay $0.99 for Finding Gaia all this week. Tell your friends, or better yet, use the Smashwords gift function ( to buy it for them. Nothing says, “Hey friend, I was just thinking of you!” like the gift of lefty immortals with superpowers having adventures and hot sex. No, really. Nothing else says that.

If you really want to buy it on Amazon you can, but you’ll pay the full $4.99: Other stores and information can be found at