What can I do for you?

This is the page where you should tell me what you want. I’ll consider anything that gets enough requests. For instance, if at least 25 people tell me they definitely want a print version, I’ll set up a Kickstarter project to fund that.

So…what do you want? T-shirts? Paperback? Hard cover? Another extra on the main page? A Google Hangout?

Talk to me. I’m paying attention!

8 comments on “Requests

  1. Lars Clausen says:

    I would most certainly buy one. Paper good.

    Kickstarter seems the ideal place – you can pick up supporters until you have enough to cover the costs.

    • That would the theory, yes. I figure if 25 people bother to take time to speak up here, many more will be willing to buy through a kickstarter and help me raise money for lyrics permissions, printing, and a trailer ad.


  2. Ron Hall says:

    I don’t know how all this pay E stuff works,But I did download Guy Kawasaki’s book on g+ on my phone.I don’t have a PC .I only have this and a tablet .

    • Hi Ron, ebooks can be read through various devices and software. Your phone and tablet probably have the software you need, and probably take an epub format. Mobi/PRC formats are for the Kindle device, and most other e-readers use epub. If you want to read it in a browser, you want the PDF, but I think some phones require downloading a PDF viewer. has some information on devices:… (note that the site appears to be down right this moment but it should be up again soon).

  3. Andy Brokaw says:

    I would definitely contribute to a kickstart for a print version. I own an ereader, but strongly prefer to read in print.

  4. Ravenaier says:

    paperback would be good, but what about a sequel?!

  5. Mindy Wall says:

    I just finished reading "Sorrows of Adoration" which I loved and will be reviewing on my blog within the next week (I'll send a link (I also post on Amazon and goodreads). I would love to review Finding Gaia, if you are still interested in having people review it for you. The sample at the end of Sorrow was facinating.

    Mindy Wall
    Books, Books, and More Books

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